May 18th, 2011
I am so happy to say, Spencer and his girls have found a wonderful home!!!  For F1 Savannah babies, please contact Emma at servalover@live.ca
My Bengal Breeders are looking for their forever home. For more information, please see below or contact me at Tracy@alluresavannah.com
UPDATE:  March 23rd, 2011
MERCEDES  (Siberian Lynx)  $1000.00 
Mercedes is an 8 year old female. She is not nor has she even been a breeder. She was found when she was only a few days old.  She was then sent to a local zoo in her area where they bottle fed and hand raised her.  As Mercedes grew, she then became part of their educational program.  They have since closed down their zoo and at which point Mercedes came to live with me.  She is a very good girl and has an amazing personality although by nature she's still a wild cat, she will only be place in an experienced enviroment!  If you would like more information on Mercedes please feel free to contact me!
Due to a change in my family situation, I sadly need to find all of my cats and my pair of Ring Tailed Lemurs new homes as soon as possible.  If you have any questions in regard to my cats listed below,  feel free to contact me at 519-635-9884 or Tracy@alluresavannah.com
May 15th 2011
All of my African Serval breeders have found and been placed in their new homes.
Spencer (male african serval) and his domestic queens (for F1 babies) are currently looking for their new home along with my Bengal breeding group.
                               My Savannah Group
Spencer (African Serval) and his  Queens (Reg Breeds)
$20,000.00   SOLD
My Bengals that are listed below...I am willing to sell them as a breeding group together for $3500.00
                             My Bengals
Chi Ching (Speed) Male Breeder  $2000.00
Gorja, Female  6 months old        $1500.00  SOLD
Puff Meow       1.5 years               $1500.00 .
Bella                 7 Months             $1500.00 
 My 2 year old pair of Lemurs $5500.00 SOLD
There are some pictures of my cats currently on my website additional pictures will be posted later today
     Cat Pics 038.jpg
       Below is a picture of our Bengal King Chi-Ching
             We have nick named him "Speed"           
        Cat Pics 017.jpg  
        Cat Pics 016.jpg
        Cat Pics 019.jpg
Our Cattery is growing !! Please check my African Serval Page for more info 

We are TICA Registered and a member of www.savannahcat.com 

LOGOsavannahcat_com.jpg         Savannah Babies 125.JPG         Cat Pics 030.jpg

I send out many, many thanks to Grace Lush of Bundas Cattery for all of your continued support and assistance


  Cat Pics 005.jpg               

We will be continuing to breed F1 Savannahs with the same quality and dedication that was brought to you by Bundas Cattery !www.bundascattery.ca