African Serval Kittens

At this point in time we are currently only breeding African Serval Cubs for our Savannah Breeding Program!   Below are pictures of Cece and Arthur who we imported from Kentucky, three years ago, they are amazing, Thank you John for allowing us to adopt this beautiful pair! 

 August 2010.......I am excited to announce that we recently adopted and introduced Atlannis to our current pair of Servals.  Another beautiful Girl! 

October 2010........We are renovating..Welcome too Canada, our winters are cold!  The comfort and safety of my African Servals is a priority too me.  Their new indoor habitats are enriched with "den", perches for them too sit high and most important infloor heating.  I have their thermostat set at 76 degrees around the clock.  Below are pictures of their new warm room and Cece investigating it for the first time

  Cat Pics 046.jpg

.Cat Pics 049.jpg

    Cat Pics 045.jpg             Cat Pics 048.jpg

 November 2010......African Servals are becoming harder and harder to find.  Thank you too my friends and connections I have made around the world and maybe even "Lady Luck"  I now have a new Quartet of Servals (3 Queens and a King) and a Trio (2 Queens and a King) Coming to me.  In 2011, I will be able to adopt out Serval Cubs too QUALIFIED Homes.  Adoption Fees for my Serval Cubs are located on my Price and Guarantee page.  These Adoption Fees are FIRM!! 

Pictures of my new Kings & Queens will be posted soon!!!!


 Cece and I are having our Cuddling time below !!

Then comes Atlantis our newest addition and below is Arthur our wonderful male!

 I just can't express enough, how much I love my cats, Servals really are truly amazing ! 



My Cuddling Time with Cece
Atlantis..Our Newest Addition